AOTW: Solange presents "A Seat at the Table" (2016)

if ever there were a time to be black and proud, now would be the time. there has been a development in the black zeitgeist; and this evolution has been candidly documented in music as of late. Solange chronicles her experience in the form of her most recent work "A Seat at the Table"; an honest expression of black: frustration, magic, and of course- black identity. this lp reminds me how resilient we are. to know, that despite the treachery we face- we maintain the power to manifest all that we feel (whether it be frustration or confusion) into positive vibrations. we still maintain the power to heal despite being harmed. we still transpire, despite being deprived. we still radiate, when they'd like to dull our glow. we are the world. the gods to which they prey. all things are an extension of us, and as long as we not forget our inclination with the true creative force- we could never die. 

please, indulge in the journey that is ASATT- and enchant yourself with the visual treatments for the albums two standout tracks below.

Also, be sure to grab a copy of the lp via mrs. heron's personal site