AOTW: MADVILLIAN presents "madvillainy" (2004)

this week's sonic infatuation comes courtesy of hip hop's dastardly duo in the form of their debut LP "madvillainy". I recently revisited this record, and was bombarded with an overwhelming nostalgia. the walks after school jamming, marveling at the instrumentation. breaking out into fits of  intrigue as i'd dissect doom's wordplay- my head bobbing in trance. i think what i was most enamored by was doom's lyrical whimsy. you could feel the freedom when he spoke. he said what he wanted, in ways that were left of center- and he rocked with it. that freedom is something i needed to reconnect with. the confidence to do you, and trust in your expression; knowing ultimately as long as you're doing what you feel, everything will work in your favor. 

dig two of my favorite cuts below, and be sure to cop the record for yourself: