AOTW: Thundercat presents "DRUNK" (2017)

This week's sonic infatuation comes courtesy of Brainfeeder's own Thundercat with his funky LP, "DRUNK". It's one of those projects I was ducking for a while (not a huge fan of interacting with things when they're hot- rather, engaging with it when the hype's settled to get an unbiased experience) but I'm super glad I got the opportunity to sit with it! from the cascading bass lines, to the kinetic drums and whimsical lyrics, this album is full of life. it feels like a journey through the mind of a neurotic, anime loving' freakazoid- accompanied by a soothing sound palette to soundtrack your trek through such an eclectic mind. 

Dig two of my favorite cuts from the lp, and be sure to pick up a physical wherever copies are sold!