AOTW: Tame Impala presents "Currents" (2015)

This week's sonic infatuation comes in the form of "Currents", the third full length album from our favorite aussie, Kevin Parker. experiencing this album reassured me that music comes into your life for a reason, and I have yet to experience another album that capture's my current feeling(s) quite as this one does. from the fragility of male ego, the indecisiveness we all feel when making relatively "important" decisions, or the concept of breaking up with someone and allowing yourself to grow, this album has not only chronicled my current life experiences, but reassured me that the best music is a reflection of experience- and as a creator (especially as one who tends to overthink his work) it's comforting to know that not only will other people relate to my experiences, but they're looking forward to it! so as a reminder to my creative side (and the one that lies in you) just create what you feel, and people will connect. don't overthink. don't stress. express yourself freely, and it'll all work out as it should! 

dig two of my favorite cuts from the album below, and be sure to cop yourself a copy wherever music is sold!